Still Smokin' Rocks BIG TIME!

on 10.15.12.

Just finished listening to the new Brownsville Station album, Man this album Rocks! Yeah!!!
From the first song " Shakin'" to the last "Rockin' the Universe". The sound is Great and the performances from Henry H-Bomb Weck and Michael Lutz, and the gang are as high energy as ever. Lutz’s vocals still sound in top shape.--with some old songs like "My Friend jack" and "Smokin' in the Boys Room" sounding fresh and new.
Still Smokin' is an album you need for your collection. I've been a fan for many years and this album stacks up with any old BS album any time. Great album! It's too bad we had to wait so long for a new album, but it sure was worth the wait. Some great rock tunes. Still Smokin' Rocks BIG TIME!

Yvon Serre
MIC Band, Toronto, Canada


on 10.15.12.

When Slade first met Brownsville Station back in the ‘70’s..... We hit it off straight away, ( I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often between bands) Something special was there. Would you believe it’s still there today? ( longer than most marriages...) We had some great gigs together and in a fun way, we two bands kept each other on our toes... not in a competitive way, as there was a warmth for each other and that showed through in the, wonderful shows we played together.... Henery H’ Bomb Weck and myself have kept in touch since those memorable times.... For me to receive the guys new Still Smokin' CD is again, something I can’t explain... especially, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room 2012” (that’s were we came in)

The energy is still there (like from the ‘70’s) with great ‘rockin’ songs! (you should be proud guys.... I’m sure Cub would be for you...)
I play, Still Smokin’ all the, time in my car, I’ve been stopped by the Police, (not the band) many times and told to turn it down...... BUT, they can see how I’ve been getting off on the sounds...
SO,GUYS........ Be proud, It’s a, great piece of, work..... I’m so glad to still be part of you...

Don Powell (SLADE)

You guys are still SMOKIN'

on 09.17.12.

Love LOVE......the Album Art.......Flipping WOW.....who would of thought I would ever shot you and Michael......the Rockers from Brownsville Station !,,!!!!! The Tunes of course rock the house as well !

You’re Right, You guys are still SMOKIN'......I can't tell yah how many times my assistant Scott and I rocked out to you guys while shooting in the studio, on location during Harley Davidson projects....and even in NYC. Lots of flavor, style and power......Cub would have been proud I gotta believe.

A true pleasure meeting you and Michael...let me know if we can put something on the calendar to get together.

Keep the faith, and thanks from me and all the Fans who still Rock Out with you and the Brownsville Station.

Eric Perry
Eric Perry Photography - Midcoast Studiov

Fireworks Magazine Sends A Great Review!

on 09.17.12.

Brownsville Station - Still Smokin'
2012 finally sees the return of Brownsville Station with a superb new thirteen track CD. The band were formed back in the late 60's and have released a number albums over the years and toured all over the place with some of rocks premier artists. They have been signed to massive labels such as Warner Bros and had numerous top 50 hits. The core of the band still consist of drummer Henry "H-Bomb" Weck, vocalist, bassist and guitarist Michael Lutz with guitarist Andy Patalan (of Sponge fame), guitarist Billy Craig and bassist Greg Beyer. Tim Patalan (bassist for Sponge) is executive producer whilst main production duties are from Michael and Henry.

Brownsville Station is back!!

on 09.12.12.

With amazing musicianship, a NEW album out and a very energetic show, the band really connects their crowd to the heart and soul of rock 'n' roll through their music just like they did 30 years ago! Brownsville Station is A MUST SEE band/show for any true Rock 'n' Roll fan!! Very Entertaining and GREAT group of guys!!! "

Scott Cunningham, Associate Producer, Rick Modesitt & Associates, Inc. Charleston, WV.
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