Still Smokin - Brownsville Station

on 09.07.12.

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Tedito68

WOW!! This new release from Brownville Station is great! Not a throw away on the entire CD. I always loved the energy of Brownsville and man it is still there. The music is tight and the lyrics are fresh and memorable. This body of work proves that Brownsville Station are still, "THE KINGS OF THE PARTY".

Jimmy Fox Sends Kudos On "Still Smokin'"

on 09.04.12.

From Jimmy Fox, drummer James Gang:
HOLY CRAP!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Yesterday, I drove to Toledo and back and got to listen to the record. Henry, it's terrific-in all ways. I love the playing, I love the singing and especially the lyrics, I love the recording...I love it all!! You guys did a great job and you should be very proud of it. I especially liked the second track, with all the artist's name-checks...very cool.


Brownsville Station did an awesome job!

on 09.01.12.

Brownsville Station did an awesome job, really rocked the crowd. I believe everyone enjoyed their performance. What a great group of guys to work with, too bad all bands can't be as easy going & down -to-earth as they are!!!!!

Faith Nelson, Wetzel Motorcycle Club


on 08.27.12.

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Rockdoc

This album is an outstanding effort. The music is good solid rock and roll-great rhythm and beat with catchy lyrics. The songs vary from whimsical (Mt Friend Jack) to inspirational (Make a Difference). Kudos to the band! I highly recommend this album.

The guys still have it!

on 08.07.12.

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Tom Hullinger
Original core members Michael Lutz & Henry “H-Bomb” Weck (Cub Koda passed in 2000) come out smokin’ with their first new release in more than 30 years. This album contains good, straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll. If you have liked past Brownsville albums, then you will definitely enjoy this new release. All songs are written by Lutz & Weck. Cub is smiling down from heaven. Rock on boys!
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