Still Smokin' Rocks BIG TIME!

on 10.15.12.

Just finished listening to the new Brownsville Station album, Man this album Rocks! Yeah!!!
From the first song " Shakin'" to the last "Rockin' the Universe". The sound is Great and the performances from Henry H-Bomb Weck and Michael Lutz, and the gang are as high energy as ever. Lutz’s vocals still sound in top shape.--with some old songs like "My Friend jack" and "Smokin' in the Boys Room" sounding fresh and new.
Still Smokin' is an album you need for your collection. I've been a fan for many years and this album stacks up with any old BS album any time. Great album! It's too bad we had to wait so long for a new album, but it sure was worth the wait. Some great rock tunes. Still Smokin' Rocks BIG TIME!

Yvon Serre
MIC Band, Toronto, Canada
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