on 10.15.12.

When Slade first met Brownsville Station back in the ‘70’s..... We hit it off straight away, ( I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often between bands) Something special was there. Would you believe it’s still there today? ( longer than most marriages...) We had some great gigs together and in a fun way, we two bands kept each other on our toes... not in a competitive way, as there was a warmth for each other and that showed through in the, wonderful shows we played together.... Henery H’ Bomb Weck and myself have kept in touch since those memorable times.... For me to receive the guys new Still Smokin' CD is again, something I can’t explain... especially, “Smokin’ In The Boys Room 2012” (that’s were we came in)

The energy is still there (like from the ‘70’s) with great ‘rockin’ songs! (you should be proud guys.... I’m sure Cub would be for you...)
I play, Still Smokin’ all the, time in my car, I’ve been stopped by the Police, (not the band) many times and told to turn it down...... BUT, they can see how I’ve been getting off on the sounds...
SO,GUYS........ Be proud, It’s a, great piece of, work..... I’m so glad to still be part of you...

Don Powell (SLADE)
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