August 10, 2013

on 08.15.13.

Thank's so much for your excellent CD
Thank's so much for your excellent CD
a real good rock opus

Radio Coteaux
Paris France

Jimmy Fox weighs in

on 08.15.13.

From Jimmy Fox, drummer James Gang:
HOLY CRAP!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Yesterday, I drove to Toledo and back and got to listen to the record. Henry, it's terrific-in all ways. I love the playing, I love the singing and especially the lyrics, I love the recording...I love it all!! You guys did a great job and you should be very proud of it. I especially liked the second track, with all the artist's name-checks...very cool. 



on 08.15.13.

Brownsville Station - Still Smokin'
2012 finally sees the return of Brownsville Station with a superb new thirteen track CD. The band were formed back in the late 60's and have released a number albums over the years and toured all over the place with some of rocks premier artists. They have been signed to massive labels such as Warner Bros and had numerous top 50 hits. The core of the band still consist of drummer Henry "H-Bomb" Weck, vocalist, bassist and guitarist Michael Lutz with guitarist Andy Patalan (of Sponge fame), guitarist Billy Craig and bassist Greg Beyer. Tim Patalan (bassist for Sponge) is executive producer whilst main production duties are from Michael and Henry.

This new CD is absolutely fantastic!

on 10.24.12.

I first met the Brownsville guys in 1969, and had the honor of working with their management team through 1978…………always a great live band, with a super high-energy show. This new CD is absolutely fantastic! H-Bomb is pounding the skins like no one else, and Lutz is singing better that ever! A great tribute to the “real” music they made back then, but with a sound and energy that fits right in with what’s going on now!

Ray Shelide

Still Smokin' is the resurrection you’ve been waiting for.

on 10.15.12.

The “boys” of Brownsville Station are back, as the core of the band’s classic lineup, bassist/guitarist Mike Lutz and drummer Henry “H-Bomb” Weck, reunite to summon the skronky, party spirit that made ‘70s platters like Yeah! and School Punks such timeless pleasures. A barrage of hard knuckled riffs and punchy power chords delivered at top volume, Still Smokin' is the resurrection you’ve been waiting for.

Bob Mehr
Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN

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